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Ni tst Shhweenus Talu Tu Quw'utsun Smun'eem

The story of Cowichan Kids is a never-ending story being told by our community of caring individuals through the work they do every day as parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, nurses other service providers - and through the acceptance and comfort they give to children and families by offering a friendly smile or helping hand.

2013 Prenatal Classes Brochure

Pregnancy and childbirth is a time of transformation for women. For many women, it is a time to look inward as they prepare for their new life as a mother as they explore all that may mean for them.  It is also a time to look to their family and community for support, especially if the pregnancy is unplanned or challenging.

We now know that babies are aware and conscious beings right from their time in utero; they experience what their mother experiences whether it is excitement, joy or even anxiety.  With this new knowledge and understanding about the consciousness of infants, acknowledging the mother’s need for support and acceptance by her community is essential to both her well being as well as for her baby.

It is a divine right of passage for women to birth their babies and in turn to be born themselves as mothers.  For it is not only the baby that is being born, rather the birth of a family. 

Individual Champions 2012 Our Children's Future

Overall Champion 2012 - Kathryn Coopsie

Kathryn Coopsie has been improving the lives of women and their young families in the Cowichan Valley for the past 12 years.

Sharing our Community Wisdom

Connecting and Caring in the Cowichan Valley: Ways to Make a Difference

Huy ch q'u - Thank you to Florence James and Mary Dolan who generously share their guidance, teachings and time, to help honour our children and families.

 Florence James is a Penelakut Tribes Elder and the Elder in Residence at the Cowichan Campus of Vancouver Island University. She was honoured as a Champion for Children for her outstanding commitment to sharing her culture with young children, youths and adults.

Watch Florence share her teachings on preparing for parenthood. Make sure to view the video in high quality (HQ).

Mary Dolan is a retired early childhood educator and was honoured as a Champion for Children for her work with Growing Together Child and Parent Society and Early Learning Centre as well as her advocacy and volunteer efforts to improve the lives of young children and their families.

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